DTSP's Most Advanced Fitness & Recovery Center
BioHack Studios is a first of its kind human performance project. We've spent years searching for the very best fitness technologies and for the first time, it's all under one roof!

Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, increase bone density, improve focus, or supercharge your overall sense of well-being, we have you covered.
ARX Fitness Technology
ARX stands for Adaptive Resistance Exercise.  ARX is a first of its kind providing a computer-driven, motorized resistance experience that is unlike anything you've seen in the past.

BioHack Studios is the exclusive home of ARX in the Tampa Bay area.  After just one workout, you'll see why it's quickly making traditional equipment extinct!

One 20 minute session per week is all you need...and all you can handle! 
CAR.O.L (CARdiovascular Optimisation Logic)
Short. Smart. Scientific.  Based on the scientifically proven protocol, CAR.O.L gives you the ability to exercise for the shortest possible time with the greatest benefits. 

This is the most effective 8 minutes and 40 seconds you'll ever experience.  2 minute warm up, 20 second sprint, 3 minute slow stroll, another 20 second sprint, followed by a 3 minute cool-down and you're done!  

It doesn't sound like much, but with CAR.O.L, you'll burn more sugar in less than 9 minutes than you would on an hour long run!  Once you try it, you'll never go back to slow, boring cardio.
JOOVV Red Light Therapy
JOOVV is an FDA approved red light system designed to improve skin health, aide in weight loss, increase muscle recovery, boost testosterone (naturally), and reduce joint pain. All of this in just a 10 minute session!
Coldtub Therapy
Whether you want to lose unwanted body fat or speed up your recovery, cold therapies will accelerate your results. 
The BioChargerᵀᴹ is the worlds first hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform. By optimizing your cellular voltage, the BioChargerᵀᴹ works to optimize your health, wellness, and athletic performance by aligning and balancing the energy of every cell in your body.
Whole Body Vibration Plates
Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy is used in universities, professional sports teams, and medical facilities around the United States. Bulletproof Vibe is the latest in WBV therapy. WBV has been seen to:

* Stimulate microcirculation, including lymphatic fluid
* Strengthen muscles and bones
* Reduce recovery time after exercise
* Improve mental acuity
* Improve flexibility

You'll see dramatically improved recovery in just 5 minutes of post-exercise use.
Fit3d Pro Scanner
It's hard to get where you want to go unless you know where you're starting.  Our Fit3D scanner will give you a 360 degree view into your body composition so you can track your progress over time.  Set a baseline and check-in regularly to stay on track!
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